2010 Labor holiday will be 5/1- 5/3 2010/4/24

Chia I was established in 1976 in Taiwan, more than 30 years cumulative experience and knowledge to provide a high quality spring manufacturing service to our customers nationwide and overseas.
In 1998 we added a spring factory in DongGuan GuangDong China, we continually invest in new technology and most importantly our

people, to ensure we have the capacity to adapt and meet our customers needs. Whatever your volume, application or problem we are here ready to help and hope you will be delighted by our service, price and quality. We working alongside our customers to ensure they get the best possible service. As supply chain manufacturers, we are aware that our customers are continually striving to reduce costs without losing quality. We take an innovative approach to find ways to reduce costs. We know that as a forward thinking company we can turn our expertise to our customers advantage.

Taiwan contacts

TEL: +886-2-22989099
FAX: +886-2-22989088

china contacts

TEL: +86-769-86865888
FAX: +86-769-86867888

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